HealthSense Chef-Mate KS 40 Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale

  • PRECISE MEASUREMENTS: Built with high precision sensors to quickly deliver accurate results & ensure your healthy recipe is deliciously perfect. Measures in grams/ml/lb:oz/fl’oz with range 1g-5000g
  • EASY TARE FUNCTION: Calculate net weight of ingredients by subtracting empty bowl or container weight. Press TARE button to reset scale to zero & weigh while adding ingredients to same container
  • UNIQUE HANGING DESIGN: Lightweight & sturdy concave rectangular design with rounded hoop for easy hanging, space saving and maintenance
  • BATTERY INCLUDED: The scale comes handy with 1 ready to use CR-2032 battery which gives long battery life of more than 6 months when used twice a day. Features Low battery & Error Indicators
  • ADDED FEATURES: Clear LCD display screen with large black fonts & Auto-Off feature to facilitate power saving. Two separate buttons for unit conversion and On/Off/Tare function

Proudly introduced by HealthSense, Chef-Mate Kitchen Scale KS 40 is an uncompromising scale designed to be aesthetically pleasing and highly accurate. With hygiene being a major concern, Chef-Mate incorporates a lightweight and sturdy concave rectangular design with rounded hoop so you can easily hang it in your kitchen. Whether an authentic Indian meal or an international cuisine, Chef-Mate is the perfect companion for your kitchenette and a matter of pride for your chefdom. This chic and slim scale being one of the most important diet tools is loaded with features to help achieve your nutrition goals.


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