STARDOM 100% Stainless Steel 950ml

  • DESIGN AND FINISHING: With a silver elegant finish and long-lasting luster the dabbas have a wobble-free base. Their design is simple yet usable.
  • STACKABLE: Smaller dabbas can be easily put in bigger dabbas when not in use. The various sizes they come in help save space!
  • SAFE TO USE AND CLEAN: Smooth edges of the dabbas make them an extremely safe product to use. They are also dishwasher safe.
  • DIMENSIONS : Height 14.2 cm and Length 9.5 cm


An essential ingredient of any kitchen is the right cookware. STARDOM gives you just that – a comprehensive range of quality cookware. We have taken into account the all the needs of a kitchen and worked that into our products. Serve hot steaming daal, curries bursting with flavours and steaming biryani in our wide-ranging dinnerware for that authentic Indian dining experience. But it isn’t just limited to the kitchen, the multipurpose uses of our 100% food grade stainless steel utensils can be extended to office and restaurants. We are serving you export quality products because we realize that cooking is one of the greatest pleasures of life. Not only that but it fits into your contemporary kitchen with ease as all our utensils are compatible with both – the induction stove and the gas stove.