Half Moon Crochet Motifs for Saree Kuchu or Saree Tassels

I have created this design on my own. It is actually inspired by half moon shaped latkans for the blouse. One day when I was taking pictures of a Blouse which had this shaped latkans, I thought why not try the same in crochet for saree kuchu. I gave it a try and I loved the way it looked.

I have used Crochet Hook No.7 , but if you want to work smaller motifs you can use Hook No.10 as well. I have worked the complete motif in single color because my saree is single color. If you are working on a saree with many colors, you may do double color or use 3 colors.

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Watch the video till the end, and enjoy doing it yourself ..

Below videos are in English and Kannada explanation, hope it helps !! Happy Crocheting …

Language – English

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