Aari Work Saree Tassels

Aari Work Saree Kuchu – Saree Tassels Using Latkans


Ola busy people !! Did you guys see this video? If not watch it right now, after watching the video you will learn how to work Heavy Saree Kuchu Using Aari or Maggam Work Latkans. Ok, now you will definitely have a question in mind, how to do that work in the circle? Isn’t it? If you know how to do Aari Embroidery then its a cake walk, but if you have no idea about it then please don’t worry. Just reach out to me on my Whatsapp Numb – 70221 57753 because am taking Online Aari Embroidery Classes.

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Design Preparation:

The fabric used to make latkans is Raw Silk. So first step is to choose any shape like round, teardrop, leaf, eye, etc, decide the size and cut a piece of cardboard to use it as a stencil. Then we will have to check at how much distance we are going to place these latkans. The total number of pieces required will depend on the distance you want to place them. Once you know the distance, keep dots using mark chalk and then count the dots.

Now you know how many pieces you need to work on. Please note in the video the rounds I have used are worked on both front and back, but if you want, you can keep the back part of the latkans plain. But I personally don’t suggest that because they keep turning and when the plain side faces the front it will definitely not look good.

Next Step:

Next step is to use the cardboard stencil and mark on the fabric. Cotton Silk or jute silk can also be used for this. Fill the shapes with embroidery of your choice but make sure to use carding stitch as the outline and you are halfway thru. Once the work is done you will then cut the pieces and stitch them together as shown in the video below. For stuffing, I always use Polyester cotton you can use scrap fabric as well. Once the Latkans are ready just add some beads and hand stitch them on the dots placed earlier using a regular sewing needle and cotton thread and there you go. These Latkans can also be used on the Blouses. The beauty is ready !!


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