Aari Work Saree Kuchu – Saree Tassels Using Latkans

Introduction: Ola busy people !! Did you guys see this video? If not watch it right now, after watching the video you will learn how to work Heavy Saree Kuchu Using Aari or Maggam Work […]

Aari Work Trace Paper Designs -Free to Download

In this post, you will find Aari Work Trace Paper Designs, which can be resized and downloaded for free. How to Transfer the Design on the Fabric – https://knottythreadz.net/last-blog-post/tracings-for-hand-embroidery-and-aari-work/ Follow Knotty Threadz on Facebook – […]

Maggam Work Designs – Free Downloadable

Hello Embroidery lovers !! In this post, Maggam Work Designs are available to download. These designs below are all hand-drawn designs useful in designing maggam work blouses. If you are not that great at drawing […]

Aari or Maggam Work Ready Designs – Printable | Useful for Beginners

Hello Creative Crowd !! The post below has printable Aari or Maggam designs, which can be resized. Click the link below to see other Aari related posts. Check Classes Tab to know more about Online […]