Beaded Potli Design - Saree Tassels

Beaded Potli Design – Saree Tassels

Potli Tassels is inspired by the Potli buttons which are commonly used as an embellishment on the necklines kurtis or blouses.

This kind of design looks good if the saree has 2 to 3 colors. First step in this design is to decide which color from the saree will be used in making potlis and which color for the beaded button potlis. Then we will have to buy cotton silk or raw silk or brocade fabric accordingly. We will also need some cotton silk material same color as the saree for finishing in the end.

In this saree we have used pink and purple cotton silk for plain potlis, and green brocade for beaded potli. So accordingly you may decide. For plain potlis 5mm wooden beads are used. Small squares of cotton silk fabric needs to be cut, wooden bead is placed in the center and using cotton thread wind it and make knots and trim the extra thread. Make the rest of the potlis in the same way.

Next step is to prepare the beaded potlis. For this we have used a Shirt Button. As shown in the video below on the shirt button place same size foam sheet, and 3 to 4 layers of sponge sheet. Keep these on the fabric and tie using cotton thread. Stitch 3mm gold beads around this potli using a needle and cotton thread.

Once all the potlis are ready stitch them to the saree pallu using a sewing machine. You may hand stitch them as well but it may take a very long time. Then cut saree pallu matching colour cotton silk fabric, 2.5 inches wide and 1 inch more than the width of the saree pallu. Fold it into half and start stitching as shown in the video to conceal the raw edges. Hem the other side using a hemming needle and cotton thread. If you notice wrinkles, iron the pallu with minimum heat setting.

Material Required – Matching Cotton Silk Fabric or Brocade, 5mm Wooden Beads, 3mm Gold Beads, Cotton Thread, Shirt Buttons, Foam Sheet, Sponge Sheet.

Click on the link for Video Tutorial

How to do Designer Beaded Potli Saree Tassels

I hope I’ll inspire you to make these at home. Please feel free to share your comments.

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