About Us

About Us: Meet Kanika Reddy and Knotty Threadz

Hey there, fellow craft enthusiasts! Welcome to the wonderful world of Knotty Threadz, where the joy of crafting knows no limits. We’re stoked to introduce you to this creative haven, founded by the fabulous Kanika Reddy.

Meet the Creative Dynamo

Kanika’s not just an artist; she’s like your crafty best friend, mentor, and partner-in-creative-crime. Her adventure in the world of threads and needles started as a personal passion but quickly morphed into a mission to share the enchantment of crafting with the world. Her enthusiasm is as infectious as a catchy tune, and her instructions are as clear as a sunny day. She’s the crafting cheerleader you never knew you needed!

Our Crafting Playground

At Knotty Threadz, we’re all about making crafting a breeze for everyone. We’ve got a treasure chest of tutorials, patterns, and inspiration for you, whether you’re taking your first baby steps in crafting or you’re a seasoned pro. From the good old classics like knitting and crocheting to fancy Aari Work Embroidery, delicate Tatting, charming Saree Crochet Tassels, and the bling of jewelry making, we’ve got something for every crafting whim.

But wait, there’s more! We don’t just want to teach you; we want to take you on a crafting journey. That’s why we’re offering online classes and courses. These aren’t your typical lessons; these are in-depth, hands-on experiences led by experts, including the extraordinary Kanika. These classes will turn you into a crafting maestro in no time!

Join Our Crafting Circus

Knotty Threadz isn’t just a channel; it’s a warm and welcoming family of craft aficionados. We adore your feedback, cherish your suggestions, and love collaborating with you to bring your crafting dreams to life. So, go ahead, join the conversation, share your projects, and become part of our crafting community.

Ready to Embark on Your Creative Journey?

So, what’s your crafting adventure going to be like? Will you embrace the soothing rhythm of knitting needles, the graceful dance of a crochet hook, the complexities of Aari Work Embroidery, the timeless elegance of Tatting, the charm of Saree Crochet Tassels, or the glitz of jewelry making? The choices are endless, and Kanika and the Knotty Threadz family are your trusty companions on this creative quest.

Our Passion for Learning

We’re not just here to teach; we’re here to learn, too. Crafting is an ever-evolving world, and we get a kick out of discovering new techniques, trends, and inspirations. That’s why we work tirelessly to bring you the latest and greatest projects. Our team is always exploring uncharted crafting territories to keep our content fresh, engaging, and inspiring.

Ready to Dive In?

Start by exploring our tutorials, finding inspiration in our projects, and diving into our online classes and courses. Knotty Threadz is your partner in creativity, your home for learning, and your portal to a world of handcrafted wonders.

Thank you for being a part of the Knotty Threadz family, where creativity brings us together, and crafting is a canvas for your unique imagination.