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Here at Beads Direct We are a huge fan of all things beaded. These gorgeous little motifs are no exception. With the current trend for all things tiny, we have designed some super cute little motifs for you to enjoy beading the stress away with. 

We have used brick stitch for these because it gives a naturally stiffer finish. It is of course possible to make them using Peyote (which looks very similar) by turning the pattern by 90 degrees and using a stiff thread like Fireline.

Brick Stitch (also known as Comanche Stitch) has Native American origins. It looks a lot like Peyote Stitch that has been turned on its side. The major difference between the two is the thread in Peyote Stitch passes through the bead, whereas, the thread in Brick Stitch passes underneath thread bridges.

A good way to start Brick Stitch is to create a foundation row of Ladder Stitch at the widest part of the design. Honorata’s gorgeous Llama Brooch is a great example of this.

We hope you love our motifs as much as we do. Don’t forget to share your finished little works of art on any of our social media pages. We would be delighted to see how you did it Your Way! 

Click HERE to print out the motif patterns patterns.

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