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How to do Chain Stitch in Aari or Maggam Work

Aari work – also known as Maggam Work in South India. Aari work is one of the Indian Embroidery Styles which involves a hook, plied from the top but fed by silk thread from below with the material spread out on a frame. This movement creates loops, and repeats of these lead to a line of chain stitches. The fabric is stretched on a frame and stitching is done with a long needle ending with a hook such as a crewel, tambour (a needle similar to a very fine crochet hook but with a sharp point). The other hand feeds the thread from the underside, and the hook brings it up, making a chain stitch, but it is much quicker than chain stitch done in the usual way.

Watch the video and learn to make a basic chain stitch using aari needle. Chain stitch is a very basic stitch in Aari work and all other stitches depend on this stitch. Needle No 14, as well as hand, made iron needle is used to do this work. Chain stitch can be worked using zari, silk thread or cotton thread.

I hope I inspire you to make this at home. Please feel free to share your comments.

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