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These easy to make headbands are perfect for Halloween for both kids and adults to wear trick or treating or to school discos and parties. A half term treat for you to do with the kids. We made a unicorn and cat ears however you could make a bunny rabbit, devil horns, a witch hat. You could also make reindeer antlers for Christmas. Look out for our Christmas headbands coming soon!

How to make:

1. Using wire create the shapes of ears you are wanting to achieve for your costume. You will need to make two of the same shapes. 

2. Take your headband and wrap both ends of the wire onto the top of the headband.

3. Then using thinner wire wrap a small piece of it around the bottom of the ears or shape and then start adding a bead at a time and wrap between each bead securing each one in place. Keep going for both sets of ears or shapes until both are coated in beads.

What you will need:

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