How to Make Dholki Necklace

How to Make Dholki Necklace

This neckpiece has damru shaped beads that make for a bold statement for your everyday look. It is a Tribal oxidized dholki bead necklace. Oxidized Silver or Gold dholki shaped beads strung together in a cotton cord. This necklace meets our quality standards. It is also called the Bormaal necklace which is well known Maharashtrian Traditional Jewelry.

This beautiful Dholki Necklace can be made in a single layer, 3 layers or even 5 layers. Maximum Length: 24-inch Minimum Length: 10-inch. Cotton thread is available in a wide range of colors, so any color thread can be used. Alternatively, gear wire can be used to string the beads and colored cotton thread with tassel can be used at the back.

It is extremely easy to make this piece if you have all the required material. Matching earrings can be made with stud or earring hooks as per individual choice. Different color cotton threads can be used to match Indian attire. While making a layered necklace you may choose to have each layer at different lengths or all layers in the same length. Both will look gorgeous.

In the neckpiece I created I have used Anchor cotton thread. To string the beads easily I used a piece of gear wire. Knots are placed after each Dholki Bead, you may replace the knots with a crystal or gold bead. Follow the video and you will know what exactly I am talking about !!

Materials Used – Dholki Beads, Triangle Brass Brushed Beads, Cotton Thread Beads, Earring Hooks, Anchor Cotton Thread, Needle and Cotton Thread, Cotton Necklace Dori, Piece of Gear Wire.

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How to make Dholki Necklace

I hope I inspire you to make these at home. Please feel free to share your comments.

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