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For those who aren’t in the know, ImpressArt is a personalisation collection. ImpressArt offers cutting edge stamps and tools so you are able to personalise soft metals yourself in the comfort of your own home. The company started off originally providing the personalisation enthusiasts with a collection that they can make at home without the need for the expensive engraving machines found in many businesses. The range then expanded, creating blanks and jewellery accessories with more and more tools to help with at-home jewellery & craft making.

Create beautiful gifts for friends and family with the ImpressArt kits: we here at Beads Direct have a vast amount of ImpressArt for you to play with whether you are just starting out within the hobby or you have mastered the technique and work with it professionally.

You can buy everything you will need straight away or purchase bit by bit. We suggest as a starting point you pick up:

With these three items you can have a play about and practice before you get fully into the technique.

To personalise your soft metals such as aluminum, pewter, Alkeme (ImpressArt’s own alternative to silver), copper, brass, and nickel silver, you simply need to take the chosen stamp you want to translate onto the metal; whether that be letter stamps for personalising with a name, a pattern, or a symbol such as a love heart. Next you need to have your chosen blank secured in place, whether you have the Stamping Block or whether you are using a work surface. Secure the blank down with tape taking care that you do not damage the surface you are working on or the metal itself. We do stock the tape ourselves to secure blanks down. It is essential that you have the ImpressArt stamping hammer, which will make the whole process easier. Place the chosen stamp in position on your blank and use the hammer to tap on top leaving an imprint of your stamp underneath, remove the stamp and your design will be translated underneath.

ImpressArt does not just have to be for jewellery: I personally love these tiny heart blanks which could be turned into champagne glass charms or embellishment for cards. Just think, you would never have to buy a card again and you are adding a personal touch to something we give to people everyday; there is an image above of a wedding or engagement style card for an example.

Take a heart blank, use our hole tool to make two small holes either side and then personalise with your chosen stamp. You could then stitch with a needle and thread the blank on the front of a card to create something personalised; add an insert inside to hide the stitching.

Once you become more experienced you can then start purchasing more and more pieces to help with your hobby. There are tools to help make bangles which will bend the metal to a bangle shape, we also have one for ring making. There is a collection of films which are used to protect the stamping block, and guide stickers to help keep your text straight or keep patterns at certain angles. If you want to create an oxidized look within the imprint you have produced then there is a black marker which you can drag against your design and after a few minutes rub off leaving the black colour in the imprint.

Try ImpressArt today to impress and personalise designs for all your friends and family.

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