Bridal Baby Kuchu Using Stone Chain & Ball Chain

This is one of our most loved saree kuchu designs. Most of the brides choose this for their wedding saree as it looks very grand.

First tassel or kuchu needs to be tied to the picot end of the saree. For the tassel minimum 100 strands of silk thread is required in total. Since we are using a big eye needle, 50 strands of silk thread is taken in the needle, both the ends of the 50 strands have to be kept at equal length, so that it becomes 100 strands. Regular kuchu has to be tied but the length of the kuchu should be kept a little longer. Make sure to maintain one index finger distance between the kuchu.

Next step is to insert the bead as shown in the video inside this kuchu and tie it with zari again to get a beaded effect. Use fabric glue so that the bead stays in place and wont slip down. 5mm or 6mm wooden, plastic or gold bead can be used in this step. Make sure to trim all the tassels to even length. Once this step is complete using fabric glue 0mm ball chain and medium size stone chain is attached.

Ball Chain and Stone are available in wide range of colors, so any color can be used. Pearl Chain or rhinestone chain also is a good choice. It might look complicated but once you watch our video you will know how easy it is to work this design.

Materials Required – Big Eye Needle, Sewing Needle, Silk Thread, Zari, 5mm Wooden Bead, Stone Chain, 0mm Ball Chain, Fabric Glue, Trimmer

Saree Kuchu Materials –

Click on the link for Video Tutorial –

How to do Bridal Saree Kuchu Design Using Stone Chain & Ball Chain

I hope I’ll inspire you to make these at home. Please feel free to share your comments.

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