Feather Earring Using Macrame Knot

Feather Earring Using Macrame Knot

Beautiful, macrame feathers have been clogging up social media feeds as of late. They’re incredibly beautiful and I was also curious to know how they were made and hence I gave it a try. I was extremely happy with how it turned out and that is when I decided to share a Video Tutorial.

Length of the Thread depends on the size of the Feather you wish. I have used 10cms long threads for knotting. The center piece is about 20cms long. I have made 7 knots which means 14 pieces of 10cms length is required. To make it a Earring, just start by attaching the Hook to the long piece. These beautiful feathers can also be used in making wall hangings, as danglers to your handbags. By using colored thread you can make it more colorful.

Materials Used – Cotton Twisted – Piping Thread (5mm thick), Comb, Sharp Scissors, Earring Hooks.

Points to remember –

  • Using a Cat Brush instead of a Comb, will give a perfect soft fringe.
  • Use sharp Scissors.
  • Spray some water before you start brushing the thread.
  • Use a hair straightener after brushing to make it straight.
  • Use fabric stiffener or mix fevicol and water in a bowl and using a paint brush coat it on the feather. Let it dry well before using.

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Click on the link for video Tutorial –

How to make Feather Earring using Macrame Knot (English Version)

How to make Feather Earring Using Macrame Knot (Kannada Version)

I hope I’ll inspire you to make these at home. Please feel free to share your comments.

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