How to make Double Color Saree Kuchu

How to make Double Color Saree Kuchu

Saree Kuchu for the sarees has become an integral part of today’s age. No Saree is complete without saree kuchu also known as tassels. This kind of Double Color Baby Kuchu can be the right choice for someone who prefers simple. Two colors of Silk Thread is used to do this kind of design.

Mostly when you think of double color saree kuchu, 2 colors are used in alternative fashion, but this is slightly different compared to that. In this pattern, each kuchu or tassel is divided into 2 colors. Usually, we use 100 to 120 strands of silk thread of making tassels or kuchu, but while working this kind of pattern we have to take 50 to 60 strands in each color and glue them separately. Adding beads is optional if you want you can add or simply skip. Also, this kind of design would be a great choice when the saree has a single color along with the zari border.

Am sure after reading you might think its too complicated, but just watch the video below and your thought will instantly change. Check other related videos for tips and tricks to get a neat finishing while doing saree kuchu.

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Materials Required – Sewing Needle, Silk Thread, Zari, Trimmer, Cardboard or Long notebook.

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I hope I’ll inspire you to make these at home. Please feel free to share your comments.

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