How to Sew a Puff or Bubble Bed for Babies or Puppies

How to Sew a Puff or Bubble Bed for Babies or Puppies

Ola !!! Did you know it is very easy to make a Bubble Bed also called as Puff Bed, if not just watch the video below. For this project I have used a old pair of jean which got faded. You can use new denim fabric, cotton or spun material for this project. If you are making this for babies or puppies make sure to wash it before using. It can be stitched in any size and accordingly to the size you will source the material. For the stuffing I have used recron also called as polyester cotton which is used in stuffed toys and that makes it washable.

The puff pattern makes the bed very soft and cozy for the pets. I made this when I got my Baby Cooper home. I know there are ready beds available for pets but I always wanted to make one for him myself. Its been 2.5 years and he still uses it and is possessive about it. We wash it frequently and it still looks good. Since he is small I made a small size but if you have a bigger breed then plan the size accordingly.

Follow the damn easy tutorial and sew it yourself.

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Hope this post is helpful.. Happy Sewing!!

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