How to sew a Tote Bag or Shopping Bag - Say No to Plastics !!

How to sew a Tote Bag or Shopping Bag – Say No to Plastics !!

Hello World !! Do you guys sew at home ?? Then don’t miss this post.

Why should we say no to plastic?
Because they are non-biodegrable substances which do not degrade in in soil and cause soil pollution. If they are thrown in water,the aquatic organisms living in that river will die due to no oxygen . We should say no to plastic bags because they are ‘non-biodegradable’ material. Am sure every kid would be aware of this right ? So let us join our hands and avoid the use plastic as much as we can to give a better future for our up coming generations.
How we should avoid plastic?
  1. Use reusable bags and pouches.
  2. Avoid the use of plastic disposable material.
  3. Avoid plastic packaging.
  4. Do not buy water in plastic bottles.
  5. Drive less by car and choose a lightweight car.
  6. Avoid plastic micro beads in personal care products.

Are you aware of BYOB ???? – An Environmentally Sound Slang. BYOB basically stands for “Bring Your Own Bag”. Often we get to see this in every other store. This is where the video comes handy :P. Follow the video and sew it yourself….



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