Kundan Necklace

Kundan Necklace

Kundan Jewelry has been a part of the Indian wedding tradition for a very long time. But most people don’t yet know about it.
The fascination that people have for Kundan Jewelry dates back about 5000 years into the Indus Valley Civilization. Arriving from the prominent parts of Gujarat and Rajasthan, Kundan Jewelry is now considered to be a part of the new fashion world.

Combo of Blue Crystals with Kundan Pendant adds a traditional as well as modish touch to your ensembles. Length is long to give it a Rani Haar look and feel.

Materials Used – Antique Gear Wire, 3mm Gold Beads, 4mm Crystals, Crimp Beads, Kundan Pendant, Samosa Connector, Jewelry Making Tools.

Points to Remember-

  • Use a adjustable necklace back dori so that the length can be adjusted as per requirement.
  • Crystals can be replaced with pearls or any beads of your choice.
  • Single or double line of beads can be used.

Jewelry Making Supplies – www.knottythreadz.com

Click on the Link for Video Tutorial –

How to Make Kundan Necklace at Home

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