Saree Kuchu Design Catalog

Saree Kuchu Design Catalog

These Saree Kuchu designs are inspired by very old patterns usually used to make door hangings also called torans, replacing wool with Silk Thread. Here are a few latest designs handcrafted by our team. Crochet work is done using 6 to 8 strands of silk thread. Different types of beads, pearls, and crystals are used to give it a grand look. It is usually finished by adding a bunch of silk threads referred to as kuchu or tassel.

Watch the videos linked if you want to learn how to work the designs.

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How to make Single Colour Baby Kuchu for Saree.

How to make Double Colour Baby Kuchu for Saree.

How to make Baby Kuchu Without Big Eye Needle.

How to straighten silk thread bunch before making saree kuchu.

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