Saree Kuchu Designs With Prices

Saree Kuchu Design Price – How to Set Prices?

In this post you will understand how to decide Saree Kuchu Design Price, so please read till the end. A very simple formula is shared in the video that is linked below. This post is very helpful especially if you are a beginner.

I get a lot of comments on a lot of my Youtube Videos asking for the prices. Quite a few things have to be kept in mind while setting the price of any work or design. Step 1 is to prepare a catalogue with all the designs you offer to do. Step 2 is to divide the designs into different categories like Simple, Intermediate, Advanced and Bridal.

Prepare the sample fabric by watching this video –

In the above video I have used gold tissue fabric, but any fabric can be used to make this kind of sample. Cotton Silk, Raw Silk, Cotton etc can be used. Samples should be colorful and presentable. Work different samples for different categories of designs.

Points to Remember While Setting Saree Kuchu Design Price –
1. Note the Material Cost
2. Total time spent on working the design
3. Category in which the design fits into

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