Learn Aari Work From Home

Learn Aari Work From Home

Hello Creative World !! Now Learn Aari Work From Home. Scroll till the bottom of the post and I am sure you will learn Aari Work just by watching these easy videos. Most of the Aari Work basic stitches are covered here. Make sure you have all the required materials and by practicing the basics slowly you will learn aari work from home.

Let’s start with what all material is required to do Aari Work or Maggam Work.

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Aari Work Materials –

In this video, I have explained the most commonly used materials in Aari Work. You can source these materials from any local store around you or order online through Amazon.

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Basic Chain Stitch

– The video shows how to work chain stitch using Aari Needle.
Chain Stitch is the most important stitch in Aari or Maggam Work as all other stitches are somehow related to it. Hence it is very important to get the technique right. It is very important to practice working chains in all directions. You will also see how to wind and manage the thread below the fabric using your left hand in the video. Understanding this is extremely important as everything else depends on this.

How to End the Chain Stitch

– In this video, I have shared 3 different Knotting techniques. You can use any method you want. In the beginning, it might look confusing and difficult but it is easy if you practice knotting a few times. One suggestion is to try to get the knotting using Zari and once you get it right, only then try using silk thread. It will be easier for sure.

How to Add Beads in Aari Work

– In this video, you will learn how to add beads using Aari Needle. You can work with any kind of beads, pearls, crystals, sequins, bugle beads, etc. You have to know how to work chain stitch before you try this.

Water Filling, Leaf & Button Hole Stitch

– In this video, you will learn how to work water filling also known as paani chain. We will also learn how to work leaf stitch and buttonhole stitch. All these stitches can be used as filling stitches in any design. Buttonhole stitch can also be used in the borders.

How to Work French Knots

– Lot of us are fond of Knot Work these days, and once you watch this video you will know how easy it is to work these cute-looking knots. French Knots look very cute and it adds an embossed look to the design. French Knots can be worked in silk threads as well as zari thread. You can also mix zari and silk thread to work these knots.

Clove Stitch

– In this part, you will learn how to work clove stitch. This stitch looks like a french knot. It can be used in filling as well as in borders.

How to Work Bullion Knots

– In this video, you will learn how to work Bullion Knots in different ways. Bullion Knots look like spring and adds a very elegant look to any design. You can replace zardosi with Bullion knots if you don’t like using zardosi. Using these knots you can make pretty flowers, roses and it can be used in Borders as well as Filling.

Gota Patti Work

– Gota is a kind of lace but in aari, we use small pieces of gota. It can be of any shape like round, teardrop, diamond, or squares. Using the Gota lace you can cut the shapes yourself or go for already cut gota pieces available in the market. Gota work looks very elegant, especially on Kurtis and Sarees.

Mirror Work or Shisha Work

– This video you will learn how to do mirror work in a very easy way. You can use this on the blouses or your Kurti neckline. You can use any shape mirrors you want. Use Fabric Glue to stick the mirrors, let them dry well before you start working around them. I have used silk thread and Zardosi to work around the square mirrors.

Satin Stitch

– In this video, you will learn how to do a satin stitch using a normal needle as well as an aari needle. You can use whichever method you find easy. Satin stitch is one of the most commonly used stitches in filling as well as borders.

Cut Work – Cutting Method

– In this video, you will learn how to do cutwork using Cutting Method. This method can be used only if you want to work straight lines. Curved lines cannot be worked using this method. This method will also save you from burning the fabric.

Cut Work – Burning Method

– In this video, you will learn how to do cutwork using the burning method. While doing this please be extra careful, because there are chances you may end up damaging the fabric while using agarbathi or coil to burn. It needs good practice before you try it on a blouse.

3D Embroidery

– Here you will know how to do 3D Embroidery using Net Fabric and Zardosi, using this method you can work all over the garment or create pretty flowers as per your choice. If you don’t want to use zardosi, you can replace the same with silk thread, zari thread, or sugar beads. You can do this with tissue fabric or any other suitable fabric.

How to Fix Aari Round Stand

– We generally use 18 Inches Round Wooden frames for Aari Work. To make it easy you can use this kind of metal stand, to avoid balancing the frame as both your hands are required to do the work. It will also help you sit in a good posture while working. The frames are available in 16 inches sizes as well as 18 inches sizes. The metal stand will depend on the size of the wooden frame you are using. Using this stand is not mandatory but it will avoid back pain if you are working continuously.

How to Bind the Wooden Frame

– Binding the wooden frame is very important before fixing the silk fabric to the frame. As we all know silk fabric is very delicate, to avoid damage it becomes important to bind the frame with a cotton cloth. By binding, the sharp edges of the frame will not cause any damage to the fabric.

How to Set Up Aari Work Cot

– This video will help you understand how to set up the big cot before starting your aari work journey. This is a one-time setup, once you set it up, you can change the fabric and keep using the cot. Watch the video very carefully to understand the same. Since it’s a big cot you can attach 1-meter fabric at once.

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How to Transfer the Designs

– This video shows how to transfer the design on the fabric before starting the embroidery work. To transfer the designs onto the fabric always use white or yellow carbon. Place the fabric on the hard surface before you start transferring the design. Avoid using back and blue color carbons on the fabrics as they might leave a stain.

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Aari Work Samples

– Here are a few samples I worked on using the most common Aari Work Stitches. I have used black raw silk fabric so that it does not get dirty. For every design, I have tried using a combination of stitches to create depth. A lot of thread work is done as I am not a fan of beadwork. You can refer to these designs and practice well to get better.

Aari Work Blouse Marking

– Watch this video to understand how to mark the blouse before starting to work. You can follow this method to do the paper cutting. Use the paper cutting as the stencil to mark on the fabric.

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Aari Work Latkans –

I have shared different designs along with different latkan making techniques.

Aari Work Waist Belts & Saree Kuchu Designs

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