Aari Work Latkans for Heavy Embroidery Blouses

Aari Work Latkans for Heavy Embroidery Blouses

These handmade latkans add a beautiful look to the embroidered blouses especially with deep necks. They can also be in lehengas and half sarees. Though ready latkans are available at cheaper cost they can never match these gorgeous handmade tassels. The advantage is they match perfectly with the blouse because they are worked on the same fabric. Using similar stitches as in the blouse with just make it perfect combo.

Different shapes like Mango, Elephant, Peacock, Round, Butterfly, Triangle, Bell, Tear Drop, Eye Shapes etc can be made. Creativity has no boundary so you can just try what ever you imagine !!

By following the videos below you can learn how to make different types of latkans. Happy Watching!!

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