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Step 1

You Will Need:

The three FIMO colours makes 10 brooches – You may need to purchase more crystals if making more than 2 brooches. 

  • 1 x PC72 red FIMO.
  • 1 x PC15 emerald green FIMO.
  • 1 x PC24 black FIMO.
  • 2 x F1062 gold brooch pins. 
  • 1 x AC1944 Swarovski Crystal Non Hotfix Handmade Fair Green.
  • 1 x AC1943 Swarovski Crystal Non Hotfix Red Mix.
  • 1 x AC832 Swarovski Crystal 4mm Jet F Xillion Flat Backs.
  • 1 x W311 Fevi glue.

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Step 2

Take your red FIMO and roll into a ball in your hand, roll out into a 2 mm thin flat sheet with a rolling pin. Now you need to cut out the poppy petal shape, which is similar to the shape of an eight – use a paper poppy as a guide. You should be able to cut out ten of these dependent on what size you want them to be. 

Step 3

Now roll out your green FIMO the same way and cut out using a knife your leaf shape – again use the paper poppy as a guide. Once cut out attach to the back of your poppy petal shape and press into the back so it sticks and molds to the back flat. 

Step 4

Now taking the black FIMO created small round balls approximately 1 cm diameter once flattened and place in the centre on your poppy. 

Step 5

Now its time to add your Swarovski crystal flat backs or leave plain if you wish. Using the red tones place these on the red poppy petal, green on the leaf and black in the centre. 

Step 6

Now placed them in the oven for 30 minutes on 100 degrees until hardened. Leave to cool for half an hour before attaching the brooch pin with Fevi glue on the back. 


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