Aari / Maggam Work Border Designs - Printable

Aari / Maggam Work Border Designs – Printable

These designs below can be resized and printed. They can be used for duppattas, sarees as well as on blouses. If you don’t like the full design or you feel it is too heavy, you can just trace a portion of it and work. The art tweaking is very important in this stream.

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The below designs are a combination of heavy and simple designs. They can be used for normal needle embroidery as well. On the cushion covers, bed spreads, table runners a few of these simple designs can be used. Basic embroidery stitches like running stitch, stem stitch, back stitch, french knots, chevron stitch, laisy daisy stitch etc can be used.

If you are a beginner then these will be of great help for practice. The more you practice the finishing will keep getting better and better.

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