Causes of Depression ???? And Yes Crochet Helps !!

Causes of Depression ???? And Yes Crochet Helps !!

Depression is a complicated thing. It manifests in many different ways. It often presents with changing symptoms over time, in different ways for different people. Because of this, it’s tough to say what causes depression. It can be a chemical imbalance, a reaction to a specific situation (like a loss), a trauma or any combination. One person with the exact same circumstances as another may experience depression while the other does not.

So, with that said, here are some of the things I can think of that can trigger depression:


Relationship Breakups is a very common thing which most of us go through these days. But it does not affect everybody the same way. For some, break up could just be an end while for few others it could be a great start for something fresh. In India we don’t openly talk or discuss about this because of the culture we have been following. But with the influence of western culture these days, its not a big deal. But I am sure there are a few people who go through depression after a break up. There could be a million reasons why, but getting involved in something creative can definitely help in this kind of situation.


Several Women in India go through a very complicated pregnancy and most of the times they fight the battle all alone with no moral support from their family, which could lead to depression. Miscarriages, for example, are a form of loss and that can easily cause depression. And then there is post-partum depression, which is a serious depression condition. I have met women who dealt with both of these situations. Crochet can be of great help to get through these difficult situations.


In addition to miscarriages, any major loss or death can cause depression.
People dealing with grief often can not articulate their grief and can’t do much of anything productive for a long time as they cope with a loss. Crochet is one thing that can be done during this time.


Being in an abusive relationship destroys self-esteem and leads to depression. Bullying does the same thing. Kids who go through bullying in school because of their weight, height, color etc can battle with depression as they grow old. Knitting, crocheting, singing, gardening, painting, music and baking as art forms can soothe the soul and ease depression.


Not everybody is born with a Silver Spoon, and luck need not favour us always. But we should never forget ‘Every Dog Has Its Own Day’ , having said that I have come across people who failed in their business. Not just because they were unlucky, but may be they made bad decisions or may be they believed in wrong ideas. End of the day its the Business that failed and not the person, but how often do we think like that. Business loss or failure is usually accompanied with not only depression but also ailments like high BP, Diabetes, Heart related diseases etc. Never give up because your business dint do well, may be it was not for you and something great might be waiting for you. Be optimistic and try to re-work on yourself by exercising, breathing some fresh air while jogging etc. Also try crocheting as it will definitely help get through this rough phase.


Diagnosis of a chronic illness can cause depression. So can figuring out how to live with a chronic illness. Sometimes the illness itself actually causes depression as a side effect. Sometimes the medication or treatment for the condition can cause depression. Often depression is caused by feelings of uselessness, hopelessness and frustration associated with living the difficult life of chronic illness. As mentioned earlier crochet can help by offering feelings of productivity in spite of the fact that the illness may stop you from doing things that you once could do. Additionally, crochet can help reduce anxiety which often exacerbates depression. 


Trauma of any kind can trigger depression. People who live through natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes can experience depression as a result. So can people who live through individual tragedies after a natural disaster like loss of life, property, or a permanent physical disability.

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