Crochet Water Bottle Holder - For Beginners

Crochet Water Bottle Holder – For Beginners

This is an extremely easy and very interesting Crochet Projects. Using basic stitches a beautiful mesh pattern is created. Its worked using Anchor Cotton thread and hence it is washable. It is fold-able and can be carried in the handbags easily.

Materials Used – Anchor Cotton Thread , Crochet Hook (Use the hook depending on the yarn thickness).

Crochet Basic Stitches

Watch the complete tutorial below and crochet it yourself. Crochet is an amazing hobby and also helps in living a stress free life. Am saying this by my personal experience. It gives a sense of accomplishment when a project is complete and that feeling is just wow ….. It improves the patience level and concentration.

If you are going through anxiety, hypertension or depression just try learning crochet and you will be surprised to see the changes in you. So better late than never star crocheting and keep smiling.

If you are having some free time at home, you can make these and sell them among your friends or even sell online on sites like Etsy, Kraftly etc which support selling handmade products. They can also be a very good gifting option.

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