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ImpressArt offers cutting edge stamps and tools so you are able to personalise soft metals yourself in the comfort of your own home. The company started off originally providing the personalisation enthusiasts with a collection that they can make at home without the need for the expensive engraving machines found in many businesses. The range then expanded, creating blanks and jewellery accessories with more and more tools to help with at-home jewellery & craft making.

With these four NEW kits you can create personalised decorations and gift tags for the festive season. Use the ImpressArt stamps and equipment to impress a loved ones name or add a message, with the dog tags you can even add your puppies name as well as your contact details on the back. 

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In the NEW collection there is a Bauble Decoration, Candy Cane Decoration, Gift Tags & Dog Tags

To be shown how to use the stamps and personalise your blanks see here for more details.


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