Crystal Choker Using Antique Peacock Charms

Crystal Choker Using Antique Peacock Charms

This Crystal Necklace design is inspired from Traditional Maharashtrian Jewelry which is exceptional in design and style as compared to other Indian jewelry. In Maharashtra its called Putli Haar which has gold coins with Lakshmi engraved on it and a silk braided Patwa cord. Putli Haar or temple necklace is an integral part of Maharashtrian jewellery.

Here in our creation we have replaced the Lakshmi Coins with Charms, and Silk braided cord is replaced with crystals to give it our style and touch. This necklace is usually short and is a perfect Choker for any occasion. The Crystal Necklace set also has matching pair of earrings.

Glass Crystals are available in a wide range of colors to match any outfit. They are also available in different sizes starting from 1mm to 12mm. Antique peacock charms can be replaced with any other designof charms. These charms can also be replaced with Kolhapuri Beads which are available in Silver and antique gold. This special combination creates a special contemporary beauty which is sure to turn heads.

Materials Used – Antique Peacock Charms, 4mm Crystals, Gear Wire, Jump Rings, Crimp Beads, Pearl Necklace Dori, Studs, Antique Chakri, Earring Hooks, Stoppers for Studs, Tool Kit.

Jewelry Making Materials –

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How to make Antique Crystal Choker Using Peacock Charms

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