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It’s so easy to forget about the most simple ways of personalising your own jewellery. Starting with a simple wooden surface can lead to a whole host of amazing designs being applied on top. These brilliant round wooden beads make a great base for painting with acrylic paints, drawing on with paint pens or decorating/dying in any other way you can think of. These beads have a bit of a shine, which means they might repel water based colours and paints, but there are plenty in a pack to experiment with!

Get your paints ready and follow my tutorial below to learn how to paint your beads and finally make a beaded tassel charm.

Please note – each charm requires approx. 7-8 metres of cord to make a nice full tassel measuring 7cm long. We used 0.5mm satin cord, but feel free to experiment with different cords which drape well. 

Get all the materials you need 

*Materials list does not include acrylic paint, paintbrush and cocktail sticks.  


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