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Angela and Wendy take the mystery out of our fab new Knitting Rings 

Angela tested the Rectangular Knitting Rings Set:

I’ve done a lot of knitting in the past but never on one of these Knit Quick looms, so I was excited when the lovely people at Beads Direct asked me to try it out and write a little blog about it.

The Knit Quick Loom set comes well packaged and there are four looms of different sizes, a needle and a handy little tool. Just add wool!

I decided to start with the smallest loom and to make a scarf. It was easy to set up following the instructions and before I knew it, I was well on my way to creating my scarf. The wool is attached to the first peg on the loom and then you continue winding round alternate pegs in a figure of 8 until you reach the end. Another round of winding means there are two loops on each peg. It’s now that the handy little tool is used to pull the first loop over the second all the way along the loom. After this it is just winding the wool around the pegs and hooking them over each other until your knitting reaches the required length. The loom certainly lives up to its name and knits quickly.

My daughter who’s almost 15 saw it and wanted to try and that was the last I saw of the small loom! She loved it and made herself a scarf too. I think it’s ideal for those with no previous knitting skills as well as experienced knitters who want to make scarves, blankets, coasters and other items quickly.

With double knitting wool the finish is loose, so I decided to try a chunky wool and absolutely loved the result.  The looms work well with soft baby wool too and would be great for making a pram or little cot blanket, I think. The fact that something can be made quickly is great and it was lovely to see my daughter crafting too. Whether you are already a knitter or new to it I recommend considering the Knit Quick loom.

Angela Buxton

And Wendy tested the Circular Knitting Rings set:

I’ve recently been using my knit quick round knitting loom set.  I can remember using a dolly bobbin as a child and the concept is very much the same but on a larger scale.

Not satisfied to knit a hat, I made some cute little baskets with some ribbon yarn that I had at home. I’m very pleased with the results.

The round looms come in a set of 4 different sizes. Depending on what your making depends on the size you use. Hats seem to be a main feature, but socks, bags, pot holders and baskets can also be made as well as cowls, scarves and blankets.

Anyone of all ages can use the knitting looms. There are some instructions to make a hat and a needle to sew in the ends of the finished project.  All you need is some yarn.

I’d love to see what you make with the knitting looms so why not post your pictures and tag me @Wendy J Cooper in the Beads Direct and Friends facebook group.

Wendy J 


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