Big Sibling Packing List – What to Pack For Kids When Parents Go to the Hospital


Second or third baby on the way? You probably packed your own hospital bag – but this big sibling packing list will help you figure out what to pack for the future big brother and sister when parents go to the hospital! You can find my list of big sibling gift ideas here. This post contains affiliate links.

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Princess A is here and is the highlight of all that we’ve been through this year. Whew!

When we first broke the news to the boys during very turbulent times, we explained how things will work when it’s time for the baby to be born – that the baby is born at the hospital, where Mommy stays for a couple of days.

Y was very worried. “Who will keep us safe?” We told them that they’ll be staying with their aunt and uncle. Since I tend to give birth a little early, I packed a big sibling suitcase a month in advance, so that Y can see that all his things were prepared.

But I sneaked a few “extras” in.

I wanted to share with you today a few tips for packing a big sibling suitcase for their stay with a relative while you give birth. Some are absolutely necessary, some are “good to have”. I don’t necessarily recommend packing light, since having creature comforts during a difficult time for kids can make a big difference.

What you’ll pack will also depend on the age and stage of the child. I tried to include these variables.

And finally, at the end of the post, you’ll find a free printable packing list for big brothers and sisters (they’re the same – just two different designs, and one says “big brother” one says “big sister…)

It has extra space to add your own items in and serves as an easy starting point, complete with a “last minute” list of things that you’ll need up until you leave. You’ll want to pack those on the way out. You can cut off this portion after you’ve packed.


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