Aari Work Tassels or Potli Tassels

Aari Work Tassels or Potli Tassels

Aari or Maggam Work Tassels for Kanjeevaram Sarees are trending in South India. The designs are inspired from the maggam work blouses.

Matching Cotton Silk is required for this kind of potli tassels. Atleast half meter of fabric is needed. The design has to be marked first, and then embroidery will be done. Threads and beads has to match the colors in the saree. It can be made in any size as few people like small potlis and few may like big.

In this design aari embroidery includes Chain Stitch, Gold Sugar Beads, French Knots. A Jharkan (white stone) is fixed in the center using fabric glue to enhance the look which is completely optional. After the embroidery work is done the fabric is cut with margin. To make potlis pom pom or poly filling is required for the stuffing. Once pom pom is stuffed the potli is sealed by winding cotton thread.

After the potlis are made they have to be stitched to the saree pallu using a sewing machine. Before sewing its always good to mark the distance at which the potlis have to be placed. After the potlis are stitched the next step is to attach matching fabric to the back of the pallu to conceal all the raw edges. One side of the fabric is stitched with machine and the side which is on the saree pallu is usually hemmed using invisible stitches to give a very good finishing.

The number of potlis required depends on the width of the Saree Pallu and also the distance between the potlis. For this Saree 25 Potlis are used.

Materials Required – Cotton Silk Fabric, Sugar Beads, Zari, Jharkan, Poly Filling or Pom Pom, Cotton Thread .

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How to make Aari Work Tassels or Potli Tassels

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