How to Make Baby Kuchu Using Silk Thread – 1 Step Design

Saree Kuchu Making Materials –

It is one of the oldest and the easiest design to work. This basic design with a little twist looks very elegant on any kanjeevaram saree or cotton saree. The first step can be worked with zari or contrast silk thread. The thickness and the length of the of the tassel totally depends on your choice. This design can be worked in single or multi-colour as per the saree. This simple design would be a great choice for simple silk sarees and also for someone who dont like beads.

Try it out yourself by following our video tutorials below.

Materials Used – Silk Thread, Big Eye Needle, Zari, Hemming needle, Trimmer, Fabric Glue.

Points to remember – 

  • Use atleast 100 Strands of Silk Thread.
  • Use Gold Zari which has thread and not wire inside.
  • Use atleast 6 strands of zari in the first step or 8 strands of silk thread.
  • Make sure to trim all the tassels to equal length.
  • Use a cardboard or a long notebook to make 100 strands.
  • Iron the long bunch using a hair straightener to get a very neat finishing (watch the video by clicking on the on the link below).

All the materials are available on –

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How to make One Step Baby Kuchu

How to make One Step Baby Kuchu for Duppatta

How to straighten silk thread bunch before making saree kuchu.

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