Crochet Work On Silk Saree Blouses – Neck and Sleeve Design

Crochet Work On Silk Saree Blouses – Neck and Sleeve Design

This tutorial below is dedicated to all the crochet lovers. Crochet tassels has been in fashion since quite sometime now, and people have started liking crochet work on the blouses as well. I came across few pictures of blouses with crochet work on the internet and that when I felt I should give it a try too. But I wanted to try something different and hence I started of with a semi stitched blouse.

Watch the complete video below to understand how the design is intricately worked around the back neck and in between the sleeves. For the first type you will need a semi stitched blouse and of course tailor’s help to finish stitching the blouse once the crochet part is complete.

I have used Silk thread to work the crochet part, if you are working on cotton saree you can use cotton thread or kamal kadai thread as well. Using beads is completely optional. You can use different colors in each step if your saree has more colors.

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This is my 2nd try on a blouse. For this particular design I have used a completely stitched blouse. The sleeve design is slightly different compared to the work around the neckline, you will know once you watch the video below. Again I have used Silk Thread but kamal thread can also be used for the same.

I have hand stitched the petals using cotton thread and sewing needle to give it a flat look. I have added dull polished seed beads in the neckline and sleeves, which is completely optional.

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