Flower Crochet Saree Tassels

Flower Crochet Saree Tassels

With the rising demand for Saree Kuchu, Crochet and Tatting are gaining popularity in the present age. Crochet laces are still used on Bridal Gowns and Dresses in few countries and that’s where our crochet tassels get inspiration from. I remember seeing crochet laces around the neckline of tops, on sleeves, and flair of the Kurti top, who knew it was handmade!

Usually, a special thread is used for crochet called Crochet Thread, but since we are working on Silk Sarees we started using Silk Thread to match the luster of the Saree. Earlier there were very few crochet designs, but as the days passed by every crochet designer started trying new designs and few were a hit and the rest dint get that popular.

This design is very easy to work and can be definitely tried by beginners. It looks very delicate and is apt for those who don’t prefer beads. 6 Strands of silk thread are used for crochet and 120 strands for the tassels or kuchu. It starts with a 3 chain foundation base and single crochet and double crochet are the other stitches used.

It is always good to iron the silk thread strands before making the tassels to give it a very neat finishing. Check out the video links below –

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Materials and Investment required to start Saree Kuchu business –
How to insert beads in 3 different ways –
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Kannada Tutorial of the same design –

Materials Required – Silk Thread, Crochet Hook No.10, Zari, Sewing Needle, Trimmer

Saree Kuchu Materials – www.knottythreadz.com

I hope I’ll inspire you to make these at home. Please feel free to share your comments.

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