How to Crochet a Bowl Using T-Shirt Yarn

How to Crochet a Bowl Using T-Shirt Yarn

This is an absolute fun crochet project which can be done in less than 2 hrs. All you need is the interest to make one and of course the materials. This project is very easy and beginners need not hesitate at all. I have used a 10mm Crochet Hook and T-Shirt Yarn of Nako Brand. You can buy the material online or a yarn store near you.

The pattern is versatile and hence it can be worked in any size. I have used chain stitch and single crochet to make this. In case you don’t want to spend on buying T-Shirt Yarn you can re-purpose your old Leggings or T-shirts. Cut half inch strips and join them using a sewing machine or hand stitch them to make a big roll. Once you have enough yarn you can start making this bowl which can be of multi purpose use.

Nothing should stop you from trying this stress free project. Share your creations in our Facebook Group – The Crochet Club by Knotty Threadz and inspire others …

I hope I have inspired you to make this project. Happy Hooking !!

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