Triangle Shaped Crochet Motifs Saree Tassels

Triangle Shaped Crochet Motifs Saree Tassels

Welcome back guys !! The design is very interesting since its my own creation 😛 . This saree of mine had geometric deign in the pallu and buttas in the body of the saree. By now you guys know I love experimenting and that is what made me try this. I came up with triangle shape to match the pallu. I started wondering how to work triangle first, then i realised using silk threads to work triangle might not be a very good idea as there are chances the corners might get rolled because silk thread is not stiff.

I kept thinking how else to get a triangle shape and that is when I got this thought of working a square and folding it so that it forms a triangle !! Brilliant right !! Phewww finally I tested it but singe colour looked very boring.. Then I thought of adding another piece in different color and that turned out well. Using 2 pieces of squares also added some volume and gave a stiff look. So this time I succeeded.

It can be worked using silk threads or Kamal Kadai Threads. First step is to work squares in 2 different colors and sizes and then fold them so form triangles. I have hand stitched them so that the stitch is invisible. I know it sounds tooo complicated but hang on just watch the video and you will know its a cake walk. I have added a few gold beads to give it a gold touch which is completely optional.

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