How to do Traditional Saree Kuchu Design

How to do Traditional Saree Kuchu Design

Traditional Saree Kuchu is an art of tying thread knots which requires good lot of patience and creativity. Traditionally they are called as saree kuchu and now famous as saree tassels in the modern time. This kind of design needs lot of time as the design is full of knots. The knots have to be placed very neatly and carefully.

As a kid I remember seeing this kind of design of my grandma’s saree. Then, I used to wonder how can anyone have so much patience to make so many knots and that too so neatly. I never knew I will be making them myself in the future.

When we look at this 3 step saree kuchu design it might look very complicated and tedious, but when you sit and work one saree you will get a hang of it and it will just get easier. Since the work is very intricate it may take 4 to 5 hrs to finish one saree if you are a beginner.

For the first step I have used 8 strands of silk thread. Knots have to be placed at 0.5 cm distance in the first step. This step is very important, because if the knots are placed too far in the first step then saree pallu will have wrinkles after doing the second step. Follow the video below for the remaining steps. For tassels I have used 100 strands of silk thread. It is always good to iron the silk thread strands before making the tassels to give it a very neat finishing. Check out the video links below –

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Materials Required – Sewing Needle, Silk Thread, Zari, Trimmer

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I hope I’ll inspire you to make these at home. Please feel free to share your comments.

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