Saree Kuchu Using 3 Colours

Saree Kuchu Design Using 3 Colours

In this post you will learn how to do saree kuchu design using 3 colours.

Hello, world !! I am writing this blog on Dasara Day, so I have to wish you guys a very Happy Dasara before diving into the topic.

In the video below you will learn how to work this beautiful design. This design can be a great choice for colorful sarees. The design looks very pretty and elegant despite not using beads. The silk thread bunches just add that traditional touch to the silk saree. This particular saree kuchu design is worked slightly worked in a different way, which you will know once you watch the complete video linked below.

I personally am not a fan of beads, so I replace beads with picot stitches wherever possible. But if you like beads, just add them in the last step instead of the picots. You can also add beads or crystals in the very first step if you wish to. Please don’t forget to Subscribe to Knotty Threadz on Youtube and leave your comments so that I know what you think of my work.

Materials Used for this Design – Crochet Hook -10 (0.75mm), Silk Thread (6 to 8 strands can be used for crochet part and 120 strands of silk thread for the tassel), Zari and Sewing Needle.

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