Saree Kuchu or Tassels using Crochet Motifs

Saree Kuchu or Tassels using Crochet Motifs

This design is my own creation. Whenever I come across a new bead design I start thinking how can it be used in crocheting saree tassels. People who have been watching my videos and following me on my Social Media would know how much I love crocheting. I also like trying out new designs and I must say not everything turns out good. Despite of failing I continue to try new designs.

I have used eye shaped gold beads and crystals to work the motifs and then hand stitched the same to the saree pallu. For a beginner it might look difficult but trust me its very easy to work this design and looks different. So do give it a try .. Watch the video below and follow the tutorial.

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Materials – Knotty Threadz Online Store

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